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◆ Gem Boutique was inspired to showcase what Earth has gifted us. From precious stones and minerals on the ground, to the prettiest gradient of colors all around us. These are what we have captured to be a part in celebrating milestones and special moments for all sorts of occasions.

◆ Our mission, is to capture and captivate the finer things in life one might experience when entering a jewelry boutique. Presented, a delicious box of edible jewels with nothing but class, elegance, and glam.

◆ Our promise, is to hand craft and design each box of jewels for all you gems out there with consistency, detail, love and care.

◆ Imagine the look on your loved ones the moment they open up a box of our jewels. THAT is what we stride towards, and THAT is what drives our passion.


BASICS: This collection is only available for chocolate dipped strawberries and are designed with a minimalistic look. This collection is available in white, milk, or dark chocolate — a comination of all 3, or with one choice of color.

GEMS:  This collection consist of everything and anything that is sparkly and glam! — We want our Gem collection to mimic the look of beautiful and sparkly gemstones down to their own color combinations. This collection is specially handcrafted to have a unique look that is different from rest.

MARBLE: This collection mimics the beautiful textures and swirls of a real slab of marble found on earth. The Marble collection is designed with lots of shimmer and shine with a hint of gold.

OMBRÉ: This collection mimics the beautiful gradients of colors. From light to dark to capture all the hues of the colors. The Ombré collection is designed with light designs to showcase the gradient effect.

PASTELS: This collection consists of subtle and light colors of the rainbow. The Pastels collection is designed with light designs to showcase the beautiful colors of pink, blue, green, purple, and yellow.

UNICORN: This collection is sparkly, shiny, and dreamy — to resemble the unique mystical creature. The Unicorn collection is designed with silver, gold, and a combination of pink, blue, green and purple.

EST 2020